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This is not the Black Death or anything near that. There is no justification for the lockdown, tracking, and quarantining of people throughout the world. Authentic public health policy is to quarantine the sick and allow everyone else to go about their daily lives. This is a fraud ... a COVID COUP!

plague death tolls through history

Updated as of August 4, 2020: 691,000 global deaths from COVID 19 if we believe the numbers (we don't). There is proof that non-COVID deaths are labeled as COVID deaths in order to justify the "extralegal" tyrannical edicts issued in order to "Re-set" the global economies and governments (detailed proof below).
Many, many physicians and coroners have reported that many non-COVID deaths are labled as COVID 19 deaths fraudulently and that they are pressured to label non-COVID deaths as COVID!


Doctors Suggest What You Can Do to Minimize Inflammation and Severity of Infections

Check with your physician as needed:

Dr. Brownstein: What to Avoid and What to Take for Coronavirus

by Dr. David Brownstein, MD


This document contains detailed treatment modalities and reflects the understanding of physicians who have successfully treated COVID 19 in hospital and clinic settings. Note that these physicians report that early treatment differs from late treatment and that mild, moderate, and severe cases require different interventions (which they list).

Eastern Virginia Medical School Medical Group COVID 19 Treatment Protocol

mirrored here from:

"How to Save Yourself from the Immunity Storm"

by Russell Blaylock, MD

Combining the best of standard medical insight with complementary and alternative methods of promoting health!
Excellent medical analysis and helpful natural, supplements, vitamins, herbal, strategies that anyone can use to minimize the COVID 19 attack!
The first half is medical analysis (technical) of COVID 19's attack and half-way down the page, they get to the supplements and vitamins that are helpful with scientific explanation throughout the page. See:

Evidence Supporting a Phased Immuno-physiological Approach to COVID-19
From Prevention Through Recovery
[Using alternative natural means as well as traditional medicine]

Yanuck SF et al Integrative Medicine ? Vol. 19, No. S1
from Univ of N Carolina School of Medicine
Downlaod as pdf: https://athmjournal.com/covid19/wp-content/uploads/sites/4/2020/05/imcj-19-08.pdf
or see online at: http://imjournal.com/oa/evidence_supporting-a_phased_immuno-physiological_approach_to_covid-19_from_prevention_through_recovery/

Share this with others to help them minimize the damage of this lab-manipulated virus (bioweapon)

Hydroxychloroquine/Azithromycin/Zinc Related Physicians' Perspectives:

HydroxyChloroquine: A Cardiologist's Perspective

by Louis E Grenzer, MD, May 16, 2020


Also see: World Health Organization Model List of Essential Medications 2019 (includes HydroxyChloroquine)

White Paper on Hydroxychloroquine from America's Frontline Physicians:

This is the culmination of months-long research from all sources. It explains how Americans have come to be in the grip of fear. All the myths and all the misconceptions about a safe, generic drug that has been FDA approved for 65 years, given to pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children, the elderly and the immune-compromised for years and decades without complication, are finally put in the trash heap where they belong. You will have the indisputable proof that you have been massively lied to, often very intentionally. At first you will first be heartbroken. And then you will be furious. Good. Because then you will demand change. The new website for the America's Frontline Doctors organization is here:

Free E-book from 3 physicians that presents the actual detailed evidence from several scientific studies that show Hydroxychloroquine is a cure for COVID 19 (technical):

Medical Studies Support MDs Prescribing Hydroxychloroquinefor Early Stage COVID-19 and for Prophylaxis

By Vladimir Zelenko, M.D., Harvey A. Risch, M.D., PH.D., George C. Fareed, M.D. 2020

The globalists don't want the world to have a cure for this pandemic, since they are using it to justify the lockdowns, the seizure of governmental power, the violation of citizens' rights, the implementation of a global surveillance state (initiated through contact tracing when the virus is already widespread), forced vaccinations that will likely affect every person's DNA, and will likely cause many to be harmed). When there is a cure, there is no apparent need for all of their New World Order actions, so they cannot allow a cure to exist. The cure exists according to thousands of physicians around the world, but big Pharma and big Oil, the "elites" among the richest and most powerful of the world, are implementing their globalist takeover of the world.

Hydroxychloroquine Has about 90 Percent Chance of Helping COVID-19 Patients, States Association of American Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS)

GlobeNewswire April 28, 2020
"The HCQ-AZ combination, when started immediately after diagnosis, appears to be a safe and efficient treatment for COVID-19, with a mortality rate of 0.5%, in elderly patients. It avoids worsening and clears virus persistence and contagious infectivity in most cases."

India Promotes Hydroxychloroquine, Despite WHO Stopping Trials Over Safety Issues


Explained: The Agenda Behind the More Authoritarian Government Policies People throughout the World are Experiencing:


A massive project to trace everyone in America and in the world is totally unjustified,
because it is based on a fraud.

The COVID 19 pandemic is not the Black Plague and is no more lethal than the 1958 flu pandemic, for example. If only actual COVID 19 deaths were counted, it would very, very likely be considered similar to much milder flu seasons in terms of total deaths caused.

This roll global and national contact tracing is forming the beginning of a newly empowered surveillance/police state. That police state has been planned for decades by the global elite involving the richest and most powerful families in the world. We know this, because they have written about it and published their plans.

Contact tracing is useful and appropriate when an outbreak has just begun and first cases are found. Contact tracing who has been in contact with these first cases leads to the isolation and quarantining of those who have been infected and therefore, no further spread occurs and the outbreak is stopped at the beginning.

What the global contact tracing plan is now doing is the opposite. The virus has already spread and therefore contact tracing at this time will only eventually lead to everyone in the world being "traced," surveilled, recorded, and data collected about their whereabouts, and further surveillance enabled far into the future. To what purpose? The establishment of the "New Normal" which is another name for the "New World Order" which has its new website. It is now known that it is not a United Nations website, but those behind it are well-connected with the United Nations, the CIA, Bill Gates, and other globalist, socialist, elites. See: https://unnwo.org.

The "New World Order" that the late President, George H W Bush often spoke about, that others have spoken about, is being implemented this very moment:

Want to understand the "New World Order Project" website? See:
by Spiro Skouras May 25, 2020

Contact Tracing is just one step toward digital ID, digital passports/"immunity" passports and the need to have "permission" to live your life!

A National Plan to Enable Comprehensive COVID-19 Case Finding
and Contact Tracing in the US

April 10, 2020     Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health/Center for Health Security
(that partnered with Bill Gates to host Event 201 in Oct 2019 to plan how to respond to a coronavirus pandemic)

The World Economic Forum declares its "Global Reset Initiative"


"As we enter a unique window of opportunity to shape the recovery, this initiative will offer insights to help inform all those determining the future state of global relations, the direction of national economies, the priorities of societies, the nature of business models and the management of a global commons. Drawing from the vision and vast expertise of the leaders engaged across the Forum?s communities, the Great Reset initiative has a set of dimensions to build a new social contract that honours the dignity of every human being."

If you don't cooperate with their surveillance, tracing, digital ID tyranny, and get the RNA vaccine (that can affect your DNA forever), etc., you won't be allowed to work, shop or participate in society! Really!

The Rockefeller Foundation, National COVID-19 Testing Action Plan
Strategic Steps to Reopen Our Workplaces and Our Communities, April 21, 2020


The Research Trail That Shows the Likely Progress Toward a Bioweapon

and how the knowledge base was acquired that would enable the development of a manipulated SARS virus, bat corona virus with "gain of function" some of which was funded with grants approved by Dr Fauci.

This knowledge and technology could be used to develop a vaccine but could also be used for other purposes. This is called "dual use" technology. However, we may never know the answer as to whether that is what happened with COVID 19. See:

"Scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development"

The 2010 Rockefeller Foundation and Global Business Network plan:
"LOCK STEP Scenario Narratives"
"A world of tighter top-down government control and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback."

"A World At Risk - Annual Report on Global Preparedness for Health Emergencies"

The Global Preparedness Monitoring Board
("GPMB" of which Fauci is a member) September 2019 Report back to the UN and the W.H.O.,
that "imagined" a deliberate, intentionally released lethal respiratory virus:

The 2005 W.H.O. International Health Regulations



W.H.O. Checklist for Pandemic Preparedness and Planning

"During a pandemic, it may be necessary to overrule existing legislation or (individual) human rights. Examples are the enforcement of quarantine (overruling individual freedom of movement), use of privately owned buildings for hospitals, off-license use of drugs, compulsory vaccination or implementation of emergency shifts in essential services."

Dr Fauci, who directs the National Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases,
approved $3.7 million in grants that went to Eco Health Alliance & then to Wuhan, China

(a globalist "One Health" organization) that then was transferred to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in Wuhan, China
The actual grant numbers for Fauci's grants with dates are shown here:
originally posted at:

The Truth about the COVID 19 Epicenter in NY and our Fight for Freedom
Patients were Made to Die!

by Erin Marie Olszewski, RN
June 25, 2020


In depth interview with Erin is listed below in the Video section where Erin describes in great detail how patients were made to die whether they were actually infected with COVID or not. She worked at the epicenter of the outbreak in New York. The video below was produced by The Press and the Public Project located at https://www.thepressandthepublic.com/home


This is the video "they" absolutely do not want you to watch. Please watch it and share it with others.
Permission has been given to download/copy it, share it, post it on other sites.

Plandemic II: Indoctornation
Total Exposé of the COVID COUP

Full video and several other articles and video segments originally posted at the Freedom Platform:

The full video is also at our site here:

Frontline Physicians Aim to Dispel 'Massive' COVID-19 'Disinformation Campaign'

Frontline physicians explain exactly how they successfully treat COVID 19, the number of ways that Hydroxychloroquine works to prevent viral replication, and what other treatments actually work. There is no need for hundreds of thousands to die, because there are successful treatments! From July 27, 2020 doctors' seminar.
Physicians from around the country address the American people about Covid-19 and the importance of reopening schools and our society.
Doctors explain the proper treatment dosage with Hydroxychloroquine, how tainted studies used toxic doses to discredit HCQ which were ridiculously high. The science behind the treatments is explained.

The organization: America's Frontline Doctors, Second Opinion Project    Video Presentation from the now censored America's Frontline Doctors website and mirrored here (because Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, and SquareSpace (the web hosting company apparently removed it, too!) did remove it)/

(This is a just under 3 hour video presentation by doctors).
Please share this with others as it has been removed from the social media sites and many can't find this video. Help others so they understand the truth about treatment options, the lockdowns, school re-opening, etc.

You can download this video (and others) and save it to your computer by right-clicking the link and choosing "Save As" or "Save Linked Content As" (it will automatically select what type of file) and then click "Save." All the information on this page has been censored by the globalist Leftists.


from July 27, 2020

The new website for the America's Frontline Doctors organization is here:

This information is being censored by the globalists, the major media, and social media/tech sites. They call it "misinformation," but this is the truth about how COVID is being cured, has been cured, and "they" cannot allow this cure to be known by the public because it completely defeats their agenda.

There is no need for the contact tracing, digital IDs, and the vaccines since there is a cure! They cannot allow this and therefore, their suppression of this truth is in fact, a crime against humanity because hundreds of thousands have died and will die because this cure and others are being suppressed. The patients are being denied proper treatments that would help them!

The Censored Truth:

White Paper on Hydroxychloroquine from America's Frontline Physicians:

This is the culmination of months-long research from all sources. It explains how Americans have come to be in the grip of fear. All the myths and all the misconceptions about a safe, generic drug that has been FDA approved for 65 years, given to pregnant women, breastfeeding women, children, the elderly and the immune-compromised for years and decades without complication, are finally put in the trash heap where they belong. You will have the indisputable proof that you have been massively lied to, often very intentionally. At first you will first be heartbroken. And then you will be furious. Good. Because then you will demand change.

COVID 19 Vaccines and Ethics

by Dr. Carrie Madej, D.O. (Board Certified in Internal Medicine) July 27, 2020
45 minute video interview with Shawn McBride, host of The McBride Attorneys Law Show

Exposing the Truth about the Testing, the # of deaths, the Mandatory Vaccines, and the Denial of Our Freedoms

by Dr. Carrie Madej, D.O. (Board Certified in Internal Medicine) July 27, 2020
For example, please note: During the height of the COVID 19 pandemic in the U.S., the CDC reports that total U.S. January through May deaths (for these 5 months) in 2020 are less than 2019, 2018, and 2017!

Total U.S. deaths are Less in 2020 than 2017, 2018, 2019. We are being lied to!
                                                 2017               2018              2019              2020            

Jan through May 2017: 976,000
Jan through May 2018: Over 1 Million
Jan through May 2019: 989,000
Jan through May 2020: 740,000

We are being lied to about the threat to life in our nations. People are being made to be terrified and paranoid in order to control their behavior and make them obey the globalist edicts that are "extralegal" and have no basis in US (or many other nations') Constitutional and legislative law!

Urgent information on mRNA Covid Vaccine
How mRNA Vaccines will re-engineer YOUR DNA forever

by Dr. Carrie Madej, D.O. (Board Certified in Internal Medicine) June 25, 2020

Undercover Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski 9from Florida) Shares Her Perception
How Patients are Treated at Hospital at Epicenter of COVID outbreak in New York

June 9, 2020        Nurse Erin Marie Olszewski

from: Journeyman Pictures. See The Press and the Public Project located at https://www.thepressandthepublic.com/home

Erin Marie Olszewski is a Nurse-turned-investigative journalist, who has spent the last few months on the frontlines of the coronavirus pandemic, on the inside in two radically different settings. Two hospitals. One private, the other public. One in Florida, the other in New York.

And not just any New York public hospital, but the "epicenter of the epicenter" itself, the infamous Elmhurst in Donald Trump's Queens. As a result of these diametrically opposed experiences, she has the ultimate "perspective on the pandemic". She has been where there have been the most deaths attributed to Covid-19 and where there have been the least.

Erin enlisted in the Army when she was 17. She deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2003. Part of her duties involved overseeing aid disbursement and improvements to hospital facilities. While in country she received the Army Commendation Medal for meritorious service, and was wounded in combat. Erin eventually retired as a sergeant, and became a civilian nurse in 2012.

Erin is a medical freedom and informed consent advocate. She co-founded the Florida Freedom Alliance but no longer has any connection with the organization.

Note: we have not received a comment from the hospital about these statements.

Nevada Nurse, Nicole Sirotek, RN Traveled to NYC to Help Out with COVID 19 Patients.

Nicole Tearfully Reveals Patients Being Killed in many different ways in New York City Hospitals
(caution: Nicole uses expletives throughout, it's just how she talks, but she's a real nurse with a heart and is horrified)

Proof that the Numbers Cited as "COVID 19" deaths are Bogus!

The State of Illinois Health Commissioner explains what a "COVID 19" death is.
Dr Ngozi Enzike, Director of the Illinois Department of Public Health, at an April 19, 2020 press conference with Governor JB Pritzker, explains how the State of Illinois defines a Covid-19 death (which is the same as elsewhere).

You merely have to have been diagnosed as having the virus at the time of death to be labeled a "COVID 19" death. If you died of terminal cancer, were hit by an 18 wheeler truck, or were shot to death, but had COVID 19 virus in you, then it's counted as a COVID 19 death. The numbers are totally fraudulent, therefore, all the executive orders based on supposed "emergency powers" are done through "COLOR OF LAW" which is the appearance only of being legal, when they are not.

The draconian orders are illegal, un-Constitutional, and a deception in order to implement the COVID COUP. Contact tracing and tracking of everyone in the country are unnecessary.

The COVID COUP is rolling out in the USA and throughout the world! Contact tracing, forced quarantines, isolation, and involuntary removal from your own homes is set into the laws they are using under "emergency powers," but the basis for using these laws is a fraud! This is not the Black Plague and COVID 19 is much less lethal to most than many other pandemics including 1957-58 Asian flu, or 1968-70 Hong Kong flu.

This is the implementation of a globalist seizure of power re-making the world as described in the Rockefeller Foundation/Global Business Network plans of 2010 and 2020 (above). The tracing of every individual on Earth is intended to create the surveillance state where only those who have an immunity "passport" and vaccination (when available) will be allowed to shop, work, and participate in society! Sound familiar?

Contact Tracing: Scarier Than You Imagined

by "FreedomLover1977 on Vimeo.com May 27, 2020

April Donovan & "Trish in Michigan" Explain How Hospice Killed the elderly in Nursing Homes

Just under 8 minute video as the two tell their stories.

If you wish to understand who is behind Bill Gates and others pushing the globalist agenda, watch the following 2 lengthy videos by the Corbett Report all the way through till the very ends and you will know more than 99.9% of the people. If you're skeptical, the proof is that the United Nations has established the "New World Order Project" website at https://unnwo.org announcing the "New World Order." This is real, and these two videos explain it:

How Big Oil Conquered the World

Dec 27, 2015 the Corbett Report

Why Big Oil Conquered The World

Oct 6, 2017 The Corbett Report

Dr Ivette Lozano, MD from Dallas Tells Us HydroxyChoroquine is Effective & the Bureaucrats Try to Stop Us from Getting the Cure!

May 11, 2020 Dallas Texas (13 minute video) See:

originally uploaded from the "Psalm 91" Youtube Channel

Brave Doctors Break Down Covid Response and the Demonization of Hydroxychloroquine

June 20, 2020 with Dr Simone Gold, MD, JD, FABEM emergency physician and attorney
and Dr Daniel Wohlgelernter, MD, FACC cardiologist (for 30 years)

Listen to Philippe Douste-Blazy, MD (cardiologist) and former France Health Minister Reveal
Big Pharma "Criminal" Influence On Research Exposed
In Secret Recording Of Lancet And NEJM Editors-In-Chief

by Tyler Durden 06/10/2020
with video at: https://www.brighteon.com/90a12f14-e560-4199-b93e-a677c67ec4e6
(English subtitles) also here: https://www.hospicepatients.org/philippe-douste-blazy-md-cardiologist-and-former-france-health-minister-reveals-bogus-studies-published-re-hydroxychloroquine.mp4

Covid Coup: How Power Hungry Governors are Promoting an Industry of Death

May 20, 2020 Ron Panzer interviewed by Doc Burkhart of TruNews.com
Original video podcast online at Trunews at: www.trunews.com/podcast/covid-coup-how-power-hungry-governors-are-promoting-an-industry-of-death
Visit TrueNews for more Christian news.

Italian Minister Sara Cunial Calls for the Arrest of Bill Gates for Crimes Against Humanity

by Sara Cunial May 14, 2020 Italian Parliament (6+ minute video with English subtitles)
Originallly uploaded at many places on the internet. A very succinct, clear summary of the crimes being committed against humanity by Bill Gates, the W.H.O., big Pharma, and corrupt politicians

Debunking the Narrative with Professor Dolores Cahill

May 11, 2020 from "Computing Forever"/Dave Cullen
also at our site here:

also see:

Professor Dolores Cahill, PhD: Debunking the Corona Narrative

May 14, 2020
"Professor Dolores Cahill has degree is in molecular genetics and her PhD is in immunology where she was using antibodies and making libraries to try and improve the outcomes in cancer. She also spent eight years in the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics in Berlin, where she led a group and developed technology that could look the specificity of antibodies and different diagnostic assays to diagnose autoimmune diseases."

Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD interviewed by Mike Adams on the coronavirus pandemic:
Fauci fraud, NIH corruption and more

May 16, 2020 by: Mike Adams

Dr Buttar Warns about House Bill 6666:
The TRACE Act Testing Reaching and Contacting Everyone Act

They can forcibly remove you or your loved ones from your homes if they believe anyone is infected with COVID 19. THIS IS REAL! See:

The Global Health Mafia Protection Racket

"Amazing Polly" Bitchute May 9, 2020

Exposing the "Contact Tracing" Scam

"Amazing Polly" Bitchute April 29, 2020

Who Is Bill Gates?

Corbett Report 05/01/2020 (originally from corbettreport.com/gates)

Part One: How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health


Part Two: Bill Gates’ Plan to Vaccinate the World


Who was Bill Gates Before Microsoft

April 1, 2020 Grace from "Really Graceful"

Who Bill was AFTER Microsoft

this includes biographical information as well as philanthropic achievements.
Apr 16, 2020 Grace from "Really Graceful"

Who Controls the Gates Family

May 21, 2020 Grace from "Really Graceful"

Get to Know Bill Gates from Bill Gates Himself

"Innovating to Zero"

Bill Gates TED TALK on getting to Zero Carbon Emissions includes reducing the world population by 10-15% through vaccines (he says this very clearly!).
Feb 20, 2010

Gates says that just by existing, every person requires services and products that emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, therefore, by eliminating enough people, his plan reduces CO2 and therefore helps. He and his wife had 3 children, but he believes you or I and the rest of the world should not do as he did, but do as he says!

Get to Know the 2020 Bill Gates from Bill Gates Himself

"How we must respond to the coronavirus pandemic"

Bill Gates TED TALK on how the entire world must respond to COVID 19 using vaccines, digital ID, testing, tracing, etc. and that the only way back to an "open society" is through his plan which involves a global technocratic dictatorship involving a complete surveillance/police state.
March 25, 2020

New Swine Flu from China with pandemic potential and what does Bill Gates do? He smiles!

original 3 minute video posted at Youtube at Dahboo777 How long will this stay up? Not long: so we have it here:

Hidden Agenda: Eldercide Stealth Euthanasia explained by UK Doctor Vernon Coleman:

Your Government Wants You Dead

by Vernon Coleman, MD June 29, 2020
(Author of 100 books including: "How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You")

Corona Virus Scare: The Hoax of the Century

by Dr Vernon Coleman March 18, 2020 [11 minute video] vernoncoleman.com

Coronavirus: It is Governments, not the Coronavirus which Threaten our Lives!

by fearless and outspoken Dr Vernon Coleman May 9, 2020 vernoncoleman.com
(Author of 100 books including: "How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You")

What in the world is actually going on? Document reveals plans, step by step

Dana Ashlie April 16, 2020


International Bio-warfare Expert, Dr Francis Boyle, PhD
explains that SARS CoV-2 was developed through "gain of function", bio-weapon research

"Gain of function" research makes the virus more capable of infecting humans, more lethal, more infectious, and therefore more able to kill more people.
Of course, all "gain of function" research is "justified" by pretending that they only really wish to create these super-viruses in order to learn more and create vaccines to protect the people and prevent infection from such super-viruses (that didn't exist until they created them).
Dr Fauci approved the grants that funded this research at the Univ of N Carolina - Chapel Hill and when the research was condemned, he approved the grants to "EcoHealth Alliance that transferred the funds to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, Wuhan, China where the outbreak began.
Video here:

Family Practice Dr. Jeff Barke Grabs Microphone
Unloads on Disastrous Coronavirus Rules Promoted by Liberal Media

Dr Jeff Barke May 2020

The criminalization of science whistleblowers: A mind-blowing interview with Judy Mikovits, PhD

Dr Judy Mikovits, PhD Fired, Jailed, and Destroyed Because She Found Proof of Vaccine Harms
Dr. Anthony Fauci was part of the gang that silenced and destroyed Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD who revealed vaccines and blood supply contaminants caused some cancers and many auto-immune diseases
aplanetruth.info & NaturalNews.com Mike Adams interview with Dr Mikovits June 8, 2018
video at: www.youtu.be/MBEI48og9mM
Mirrored and preserved at:

Respiratory Therapist Confirms Hospital Pressures them to label ANY patient with breathing problems as COVID 19 to inflate the numbers

April 21, 2020 "Try Thinking For Once"

Plandemic Part 1: Dr Judy Mikovits Speaks out about Corrupt big Pharma, Vaccine Harms, and Threats to People by the COVID 19 Global Agenda

www.hospicepatients.org/plandemic-short-version-dr-judy-mikovits-speaks-out-about-corrupt-big-pharma-nih-vaccine-harms-interview-with-mikki-willis-.mp4 "Humanity is imprisoned by a killer pandemic. People are being arrested for surfing in the ocean and meditating in nature. Nations are collapsing. Hungry citizens are rioting for food. The media has generated so much confusion and fear that people are begging for salvation in a syringe. Billionaire patent owners are pushing for globally mandated vaccines. Anyone who refuses to be injected with experimental poisons will be prohibited from travel, education and work. No, this is not a synopsis for a new horror movie. This is our current reality....

"They named it COVID 19. Our leaders of world health predicted millions would die. The National Guard was deployed. Makeshift hospitals were erected to care for a massive overflow of patients. Mass graves were dug. Terrifying news reports had people everywhere seeking shelter to avoid contact. The plan was unfolding with diabolical precision, but the masters of the Pandemic underestimated one thing... the people. Medical professionals and every-day citizens are sharing critical information online. The overlords of big tech have ordered all dissenting voices to be silenced and banned, but they are too late. The slumbering masses are awake and aware that something is not right. Quarantine has provided the missing element: time. Suddenly, our overworked citizenry has ample time to research and investigate for themselves. Once you see, you can't unsee."

Out of the Shadows Documentary

Full length 1 hr 58 minute documentary: The Out Of Shadows documentary lifts the mask on how the mainstream media & Hollywood manipulate & control the masses by spreading propaganda throughout their content. One group is divided against the other while an agenda is moving forward. The goal is to wake up the general public by shedding light on how we all have been lied to & brainwashed by a hidden enemy with a sinister un-American, anti-Christian, anti-life, secular humanist agenda.

Communist Smear Tactics, Communist Revolution in America

G. Edward Griffin April 3, 1969 (8 minute video)

Dividing the American people by race, and fomenting violence between the black and white populations has been planned for decades. We are now witnessing this Marxist movement in our time.

The violence in our cities has long been planned. Note: in this video from 50 years ago, blacks were then called "negro" which means black in Spanish and was the term at the time used by both whites and blacks.

Using a race war to advance socialism/communism is the agenda behind the movement. We are witnesses to the changes in our lives today.

The COVID COUP is utilizing the pandemic to implement the final subjugation of the freer nations of America, Europe, Australia, Canada, and elsewhere. Please watch, understand, and share this and other videos here with others.

Soviet KGB Defector Yuri Bezmenov Warns America
About Ideological Subversion & Demoralization
and the Four Stages of that Ideological Subversion

G Edward Griffin and Yuri Bezmenov 1985 (13 1/2 minute video)

Four Stages of Ideological Subversion of America that We are Experiencing In our Time!
  1. Demoralization
  2. Destabilization
  3. Crisis
  4. Normalization

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