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Daughter of Father Killed in Hospice Writes
To Do-Nothing District Attorneys

Message to prosecutors:

If I had called you saying that a young man had provided a teenage girl with a gun to carry out a suicide pact, you would have immediately reacted and called an investigation. You would have found that young man guilty.

But I called to say that my father was medically killed (euthanized) against his will by a hospice and I'm told to call an investigator myself. And he tells me to call more people, other agencies. And they tell me call other people and other agencies. And no one listens. So, this hospice is free to continue ending the lives of people who are unaware of what is happening or too drugged to stop what is being done to them.

I can no longer save my father's life, but I can certainly try to help the next innocent parent from being starved and drugged to death. But I would like you to explain to me how it is that when the hospice plainly killed my father it was not murder. The nurse knew that my father had no medical need for morphine, no pain, and gave him more morphine even when my father was already in a coma ... a coma caused by the sedative Haldol and morphine the hospice gave him against his will.

My father was stable, alert and conscious and refused to go to hospice. He was not even terminal; he had Parkinson's disease and was not declining at all. The hospice chose to stop allowing my father to have any food or water, but he wanted to live and pleaded and begged not to be forced into hospice. He knew what they would do.

The nurse increased the dosage of morphine when there was no medical need. She chose to kill my father! She knew exactly what she was doing.

Why do you do nothing, Mr. District Attorney? Why? Who are you to judge that my father's life is not as valuable as any other U.S. citizen? How dare you do nothing when my father was murdered! Because of your decision not to act, and the decisions of other DAs just like you all across the USA, thousands and thousands of US citizens are being killed with impunity. You know the cases gathering dust on your desk, in that file cabinet. You know what I am writing to you about.

I have now learned of other cases of medical killings. Other families have had their loved ones killed, and they report the same response by other DAs, just like you. They do nothing ... act sympathetic ... but in the end, they allow some hospice staff nurse or physician to kill their patients without even a slap on the wrist ... without even a reprimand. Your actions show that you agree that these US citizens should be killed. If you believed otherwise, you would be acting to prosecute these cases. The shame is on you, for you are now responsible. Can you live with that knowledge?

Why are you responsible? Because those who perpetrate these killings know that you have done nothing, and they count on your complicity in the killing. That's what you have given them up to this point: a legal atmosphere where "the culture of death" allows these medical killings to continue, where they are routine, and where US citizens are killed with no punishment at all for the killers!

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