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It may be difficult to find an attorney who will take on a hospice case. That is the experience of many who have reported back to us about their experience. However, you can try.

The way to find out FOR SURE that you have a plaintiff's attorney (which is what you need for a reliable attorney who is most focused on YOUR rights), is to call and ask if they do defense work for hospitals, nursing homes or hospice corporations. If they answer, "yes," then you know that attorney firm is NOT a "plaintiffs' only" lawfirm. Once you find one that does not do any defense work, that would be among the attorneys who only represent the plaintiffs' like yourself. For information about filing a qui tam lawsuit, see our qui tam webpage.

Hospice Patients Alliance does not endorse nor recommend any particular attorney, nor do we receive any reimbursement or have any referral arrangements with any attorneys at all. The following names of attorneys have been forwarded to us as plaintiffs' attorneys. These resources are listed because we receive so many requests to find attorneys and we are hoping to assist you in finding the attorney who will be able to meet your needs for legal counseling.

Please ask questions from the start when you contact an attorney. Know what you are seeking to accomplish and find out if the attorney has expertise in the area you wish to explore. The law contains many specialties and no one attorney can be expert in all. It is best to find an expert in the area of legal concern that you are confronting. And it is helpful to get the medical record if you can for the attorney and other experts to review. If you are having difficulty getting the chart, please look at some suggestions about how to get the chart. If you still have difficulties getting the chart, or getting a "complete" chart, then ask your attorney to assist you.

Every attorney should have a resume (curriculum vitae) and every client should ask for one. That will tell how often s/he has gone to trial or up on appeal and against whom/what. It will also show results achieved (if done right). Don't be shy about asking questions.

If you don't find an attorney listed in your exact area, we recommend that you call one of the plaintiffs' attorneys who is closest to you, even a few states away in distance and ask the attorney for a name of an attorney in your area. These attorneys are often aware of other plaintiffs' only attorneys who work in other areas or states and are quite happy to help you find another attorney who does similar work for plaintiffs only cases.

Taxpayers Against Fraud
Provides much information about legal actions against health care corporations committing fraud as well as whistleblower (qui tam) lawsuits brought by an employee of such a heatlh care corporation. There are links to other resources as well as the U.S. Justice Department. You can find attorneys who work in this area to bring legal action against corporations committing fraud. Sometimes if it is not possible to find an attorney who will get involved in a wrongful death action, you can find an attorney who will get involved on the fraud angle. If a patient was admitted fraudulently into a hospital or other agency, then fraudulent billing for services is involved and you can get an attorney to help with that aspect of the case. Covering up fraud is often the actual motivating factor for a wrongful death. Going after the fraud is a step toward bringing the perpetrators to justice.

Online Lawyer Source
Online Lawyer Source offers much information on medical malpractice legal matters such as medical industry perspectives on lawsuits and the guidelines victims need to follow in filing a lawsuit due to doctor negligence.  You can find an attorney in your area through this site. Very much worth visiting. If you need legal assistance, this site can help you find the attorney you need.

Health Administration Responsibility Project List of Attorneys

American Association for Justice (formerly Trial Lawyers of America) search page.

Find attorneys of any specialty, in any area of the country. With links to every aspect of the law if you need to research the law itself. A wealth of information and other links.

Listing of State Bar (attorney) Associations
Your local bar association can always give you a list of attorneys in your area that specialize in different areas. You would ask for attorneys that work in elder care law, or health care and medical malpractice law. Once you get that list, you may wish to find out which attorneys work for plaintiffs only. Now listen carefully here. If you want to find out if they ONLY do plaintiffs' work, call each attorney's office directly and do not ask them if they do plaintiff's work, because you may find an attorney that does BOTH plaintiff's and defense (corporate) work, meaning they defend the corporations that run the hospice agencies or nursing homes, etc. What might happen is they'll answer, "yes, we do plaintiff's work, but never tell you they also defend the corporations also! Some attorneys play both sides of the fence, in other words.

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